Our Story

“Zuze & Friends” is new and innovative cosmetic brand for KIDS that collects latest cosmetic product trends in one brand. As we have small kids who enjoy bathing rituals every evening, naturally, there is a need for kids-friendly bathing products.

Baby in bath_Zuze and friends

After long tests and research we came to conclusion that we had to make better and safer products for our kids which we could get in regular department stores. That’s why we created special formulation products that will include mild moisturizing recipes, tested over and over to get satisfying, well being for kids during and after bathing procedures.

Zuze is famous elephant girl from Riga Zoo. She was born in 1990 and was the first newborn elephant in Riga Zoo history. In early 90ies she became beloved by visitors and got huge media attention.
We wanted to bring Zuze’s name alive again, so we decided to name a special cosmetic line made for kids “Zuze & Friends”. Product range includes special bath foams, shampoo, body milk and handmade bath balls with special animal toys inside. These toys are not only FRIENDS of Zuze, but they will become your kids’ friends as well. They will help to learn more about different animal and bug species that live in our world.

Bath Balls_Zuze and friends
Our cosmetic products with special recipes are developed for hair and body wellness for KIDS. All our products are FREE from SLS / SLES / PARABENS / PEGs / SILICON / ALCOHOL and ALLERGENS.

Elephant Zuze and friends
    Born in Riga Zoo on 5th April 1990.
    First born elephant in Riga Zoo, Latvia
    Real owners of Zuze was Moscow Zoo, Russia.
    Latvian citizens donated 20 000 Rubles to buy elephant back from Moscow Zoo.
    As time came for Zuze babies, but Riga Zoo didn’t have space for more than two grown elephants, Riga Zoo had to look new homes for Zuze.
    At age of 6 years, Zuze went for her new home to Kobe Oji Zoo in Japan.
    Now Zuze has more than 4 thousand kg weight and has her own elephant house in Kobe Zoo.

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